Dalton Adjustable Clutch Flyweights for RZR Turbo

Dalton Adjustable Clutch Flyweights for RZR Turbo

Price: $239.95

  • Description
  • Turbocharged RZR Applications. Adjustable from 78-85.5grams

    This new version of our patented "Quick Adjust" is an agressive curve in higher gram increments for turbo applications. The Quick Adjust means you can add or subtract grams without even removing the flyweights from the clutch. This flyweight type,and the location of mass will often act a few grams heavier than other flyweights with typical 10 series Polaris curvature that you may be comparing to in turbo applications.

    All turbocharged applications will be very different. Different terrain,boost levels,tire sizes,secondary clutch options and other tuning components make it a tuners game. If this set is within the gram zone you are using, "Quick Adjust" makes it easier to make gram changes on the fly and get your own application dialed in.

    This is not a clutch kit, but a set of adjustable tuning flyweights for experienced clutch tuners and turbo owners who know what they want to test.