FMF Powercore 4/4 SA Double Exhaust System

FMF Powercore 4/4 SA Double Exhaust System

Price: $1,099.95

  • Description
    • New modular end cap allows easy tuning alterations
    • Standard Hi-Flo 2” end cap boosts all-around performance; optional smaller 13/4” end cap smooths power delivery; spark arrestor module adds off-road versatility
    • Computer designed and dyno tested for every 4-stroke application
    • Enhanced sonic evacuation delivers a higher flow of exhaust gases, which increases power
    • A stainless steel mid-pipe mates to the computer-designed aluminum rear can for lightweight durability
    • Square or round (depending on the machine) perforated steel inner cores make for optimum flow, using hi-flo technology
    • FMF’s exclusive cross-weave internal packing provides longevity and maximum sound dispersion
    • Elliptical aluminum can offers strategic sizing for superior performance
    • Optional Quiet Core insert will provide a decrease in sound level if desired
    • PowerCore 4 SA (spark arrestor) features a patented screen-type spark arrestor that is approved by the U.S.F.S. and does not interrupt exhaust flow so there’s no performance loss
    • The PowerCore 4 SA system’s strategic ports allow the sonics to evacuate more effectively with the computer-designed Performance Flow end cap

    Fit on: 09-11 Polaris RZR-S