*Turbo Specialties Kit for Polaris RZR 800

*Turbo Specialties Kit for Polaris RZR 800

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    Are you looking for more horsepower out of your Polaris RZR 800 without loosing reliability? Then this low boost turbo kit is for you.

    This kit is fuel injected and is a blow through system. Turbos come preassembled to manifolds with oil lines attached to it and they are set at 6 lbs. of boost which will perform nicely and give a 40 % increase of horsepower while not causing damage to the motor. High octane fuel is recommended. This will bring you very close to the 900-XP as far as horsepower is concerned. A higher boost can be used with proper engine modifications.

    This Polaris RZR Turbo Charger System Kit includes the following:

    • Garret T15 Turbo Charger.
    • Cast iron exhaust manifold.
    • Exhaust piping and heat shield
    • Air filter and MAF housing.
    • Charge piping with blow off valve.
    • Inter cooler with fan.
    • 30 Amp relay for fan.
    • Alba Fuel management System.
    • Oil pick up and return.
    • Detailed instructions

    All of our Garrett turbochargers are oil cooled (water cooling optional). Our manifolds are cast iron with a high nickel content offering 5 year warranty on castings and 1 year on turbos and electronics.

    Click here to download installation manual
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    NOTICE: and Turbo Specialties assumes no responsibility or liability for engine dammages that the use of this product may cause. This products is legal for use in off road vehicles or racing applications only. Installation may void the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Misuse of some products may result in engine damage or possible injury.
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