509 Sinister Goggles

509 Sinister Goggles

Price: from $89.95

  • Description
  • You spoke, we listened....AGAIN. In 2007 you wanted a true snowmobile specific goggle and we delivered. In 2008 you wanted an even better snowmobile goggle and we have delivered in a BIG way. Our latest version is our best Sinister model ever.

    New this year is a large removable nosemask, which securely attaches to the front of the goggle and can be easily removed in seconds. This nosemask covers your entire nose, blocking cold air and stinging roost. Red noses are a thing of the past.

    Also new this year is an improved foam system. We designed an oversized face foam that extends beyond the frame of the goggle, giving the goggle a BIGGER footprint and blocking any unwanted air gap between the goggle and your helmet. Remember that frost bite line across your forehead? How about those cold cheeks? G-O-N-E! This new foam stops that biting wind from reaching your skin. In addition we made the face foam thicker. 20mm to be exact. That's right, nearly 1 inch of cushy goodness. These are perhaps the most comfortable goggle you'll ever wear. So comfortable, you'll probably wear them to work. Those funny looks from your co-workers? They don't know what its like having that level of pillowy comfort strapped to your face. So don't even sweat it. But if you do, all 20mm of moisture wicking foam has you covered.

    You didn't think we would stop there did you? How about improved optics? All 09 goggles come with a new spherical lens. These lenses are pre-formed to the exact curvature of the goggle, reducing visual distortion. In addition all 09 goggles come standard with an all new yellow tint, chrome finish lens. We also beefed up the lens, by increasing the thickness, thus providing more impact resistance.

    Package Contents

    • One pair of 509 goggles with dual lens
    • One soft cleaning & storage pouch
    • One removable nosemask
    • Lifetime warranty
    Spare lenses also available here.
    Roko QuickStraps and the 509 Goggle Fan are also great add-ons to this product.